Multi Sport Mayhem

Published on: Jun 06 2013 by LindsayMcClure

Oregon. Springtime. Shifting gears. Making moves. Usually I’m more of a summer/winter person than a spring/fall person. I like the winter, snow, skiing routine or the summer, sun, water, fun thing.


However, this spring has been really awesome. Every day has brought something different. It’s the Oregon weather flip-flop. Wake-up look outside, assess the days potential, then figure out a plan to get outside or hunker down and hide from the rain. We’ve had some awesome, warm days for kiting, and some rainy weather followed by days that are great for biking. The scariest thing I’ve done is go and get a real hair cut. Never doing that again. Yikes!


Throw in road biking, trail running, SUPin and a some dreams about riding on a sail boat and that pretty much sums it up. We even got a snowstorm and I was able to sneak in a little skiing.


Too much fun. I’m worried that it’s going to be another crazy summer.

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