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Published on: Feb 26 2014 by LindsayMcClure
Nitro City rolled out the red carpet last week for the first stop of the 2014 PKRA tour. I’m in recovery mode after having competed in my first PKRA freestyle competition. My week started Sunday when the World Class Kiteboard Academy and I rolled into Punta Chame a few days prior to the start of the competition.groupThis was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to compete against such a high-caliber field of athletes. I was in awe while I was warming up for the competition. It was amazing to be on the water trading tacks with the best kiters the sport has ever seen. I’ve spent years watching videos of these riders; slowing them down, analyzing them, and trying to learn their moves. Here, I’ve had the chance to get up close and ride with the very best, although it wasn’t very productive on my part because I was constantly letting the legends pass downwind of me so I could watch them instead of focusing on my own riding.jerseyThe guys are superheroes! They go so big, charge so hard, and ride so consistently. The ladies, also, are amazing. I’ve been impressed with how consistent they are and really inspired by their ability to throw their hardest tricks in challenging conditions.My task leading up to the competition was to figure out as many details as I could about the judging criteria and the format of the competition. The gist is that each competitor has eight minutes to throw 12 tricks, and the best five tricks count. Each trick, however, must to be from a different category so variety is key.kites

Honestly, there are days when I’ll spend an hour kiteboarding and won’t land five solid tricks, each from a different family, so crunching that task into eight minutes was a new challenge for me.

How’d it go, you ask? I had a great time. In my next kiteboarding competition I will do better. After only two days of competition I feel like I’ve stepped up my riding. I struggled with getting a lot of trick attempts during my heats. In my single elimination heat I only tried six tricks. Then, in my double elimination heat I only tried four tricks before running into a little issue that burned the remaining time in my heat. Opps!!! I lost my first heat by less than a point and I lost my second heat by merely .05 of a point. So it goes…


I want to mention how welcoming the other competitors were. I’m a little shy and was worried about feeling like an outsider all week. The other athletes were super supportive, friendly, and encouraging.


Walking away from this event, I’m as fired up as ever. After seeing the best ladies in the world throw down, I’m ready to step up my game. It was the coolest thing to pull on the competition jersey and get on the water with the best of them. I have so much respect for these athletes who train year-round and are able to mold their kiting into a mechanical eight-minute heat.

Cabarete, here I come! I’m through with training for consistency for a while. I want to go bigger, crash harder, take some cool pictures, and learn some new tricks!! First, I’m heading back over to Nitro City for another spin on the cable!



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  1. Blaine says:

    Nice writing Lindsay!

  2. Quincy says:

    Nice work Lindsay! You rock. Love reading your updates on kite world. Keep sending it!

  3. Colleen says:

    Really enjoyed reading this Lindsay! I’ve been very curious myself how competing on the PKRA would feel and reading this almost made me feel like I was there. Thanks and great job!

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