Top 10 South Padre Island Experiences- Fall Edition

Published on: Dec 30 2013 by LindsayMcClure

1. Frontally driven weather systems
I find weather fascinating. I’m especially drawn to dramatic weather that changes in an instant. Don’t get me wrong, if I could live somewhere that was 72 and sunny all day, every day, I probably would. Boring. The alternative, wildly moody weather that goes from blue sky and 85 to dreary and 55 in a matter of moments,  keeps things interesting. Especially because, in SPI, it’s only a matter of time before the weather switches back around and becomes nice again.


2. Listening to Wild 104.1My new favorite radio station
Every chapter in life has a soundtrack, and if you’re spending time on South Padre Island, music resources are limited. The limited availability of radio stations, however, isn’t saying the tunes aren’t entertaining.

3. Swimming in from an ocean downwinder
As a kiter, I haven’t often set my kite free, as in, totally ditched the thing. In South Padre this fall, instances of kiters in our group hitting all their releases and swimming in were markedly high. When the North wind blows, the ocean in South Texas turns into a monster beast. My friends and I were, apparently, required to pay our dues.
4. Eating FRESH seafood
Every day I spent in the water this fall I was reminded how “alive” the ocean is around SPI. There were inescapable reminders of how many species of fish and mammals I was swimming with. Honestly, I think I’d prefer to stick to kiteboarding in dead, stagnant bodies of water without having to think about sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, big fish, small fish, or medium sized fish.
On the bright side, if I have to swim with the beasts, I might as well eat them. Fortunately, in Texas, opportunities to eat and eat a lot are numerous. Thanks to Jason Glascock for catching and sharing freezers full of delicious fresh tuna!
5. YOLOing
You Only Live Once, and sometimes it’s more fun to act wild and crazy when everyone else is is keeping it calm and mellow. Why not put on the spring break getup and play “spring break” even if you’re a couple months early.
6. Gabriella’s Pizza
Everybody likes pizza! If you’re on South Padre Island, head to Gabriella’s for the best pie in town.
7. Road Trip to Texas Ski Ranch
From what I gather, Texas is pretty big into wake boarding. I had the good fortune of visiting a cable park for the first time this fall. It’s so much fun trying something new and different. Oh me oh my was I sore after riding around behind the cable for 2 days!
8. Flat water for days
Kiteboarding. Flat water. Warm water. Shallow water. No crowds. Steady wind. Happy kids.
9. Beach time with pooches
Long walks on the beach with furry friends was a popular afternoon activity with these 2 well-behaved and always leashed perros :)
10. Sunsets
Sentimental and mushy, I know but the Texas sunsets were quite spectacular.


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