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Predator Full-Zip Hoodie

Yanc Tee

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Women's Burton Rise Snowboard | A Limited Edition board to celebrate Kelly Clark's departure from competitive snowboarding

Women's Chaseview Stretch Pant

Girls' Ivorie Raglan Tee

Packable Skyward 25L Backpack

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Split Flex Women's Shoes

Running Reflective Tights

Running Reflective Shorts


"Industry Spotlight: TWINS!", Issue 68
"The Liam Whaley Interview", Issue 68
"Female Focus- Kari Schibevaag", Issue 68
"Ten Questions: Jeremy Burlando", Issue 68
"Red Bull King of the Air 2018", Issue 67
"The Sebastian Ribiero Interview", Issue 67
"Female Focus - Annelous Lammerts", Issue 67
"Ten Questions: Joshua Emanuel", Issue 67

"Female Focus - Malgorzata Kolacz", Issue 66
"Ten Questions: Fred Hope", Issue 66


The Gorge Magazine:
"New School", Fall 2017

"Introducing Oregon E-Bikes", August 29, 2017

"The Interview: Ewan Jaspan", Issue 65
"Female Focus - Tonia Farman", Issue 65
"Ten Questions: Kite Odyssey", Issue 65
"Out of the Rabble: Reflections on the Kite Park League", Issue 64
"Ten Questions: Mark Cafero", Issue 64
"Magical Realism in Colombia. A Traveller's Guide", Issue 63
"The Interview: Roberto Ricci", Issue 63
"Female Focus- Annabel van Westerop", Issue 63
"Ten Questions: Youri Zoon", Issue 63
"Female Focus- Francesca Bagnoli", Issue 62
"Ten Questions: Chris Bobryk", Issue 62
"Ten Questions: Noe Font", Issue 61
"Behind The Brand: Mystic", Issue 61
"Female Focus- Mikaili Sol", Issue 61


"Female Focus- Dioneia Vieira", Issue 60, 2016

"Ten Questions: Willow-River Tonkin," Issue 60, 2016
"The Female Frontier", Issue 60, 2016
"Female Focus- Where the Wind Blows", Issue 59, 2016

"Female Focus- Silke Caswell", Issue 58, 2016
"Sliders Are Taking Over the World", Issue 57, 2016
"Female Focus- Katie Potter", Issue 57, 2016
"Ten Questions: David Tonijuan Colomer", Issue 57, 2016
"2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Preview", Online, May 2016
"The Interview: Bruna Kajiya", Issue 56, 2016
"Female Focus- Marilou Fourre", Issue 56, 2016
"Past, Present, and Future with Liam Whaley", Issue 55, 2016



"Female Focus- Helena Brochoka", Issue 54, 2015
"The Interview: Eric Rienstra", Issue 54, 2015

"Female Focus- Jalou Langeree", Issue 53, 2015
"Hood River Slider Jam", Issue 52, 2015

"Behind the Brand: Slingshot", Issue 52, 2015
"Female Focus- Marilou Lavallee", Issue 52, 2015
"The Interview: Jason Slezak", Issue 51, 2015

"A Decade Of Change", Issue 51, 2015

"Female Focus- Amy Strzalko", Issue 51, 2015

"WTWB: Lindsay McClure 'Select', Nov 13, 2015

The Kite Mag:
"Where the Wind Blows Background Stories- Lindsay McClure 'Select", November 2015


The Kiteboarder:
"Where the Wind Blows", Fall 2014


"Schooled: The World Class Academy in Session", March 12, 2014


Hood River News:

"Summer-long training pays off for Big Winds Team", August 21, 2013

"Kiteboarding 4 Cancer this Weekend", July 10, 2013

"Anti-gravity Treadmill Gives Heights Clinic Unique Edge", June 12, 2013

"Water + Wind + Waves = World- Class", June 1, 2013

"9 Tips for Experiencing Cabarete" May 21, 2013




Native Product Catalog:
The summer of 2012, I was fortunate enough to work with the fun loving staff at Native Eyewear as a writer for their 2012 Catalog. The theme for the Catalog was Tales From the Hood.  The Native team bombarded my wonderful hometown of Hood River, Oregon for a classic summer weekend of work hard, play harder. The result was a smattering of photos, stories, and memories. I was given the opportunity to write and present some of Hood River's finest business owners, athletes, and innovators. Follow the links to see the results:

"Art Colyer, North Pacific Surfboard Shaper"

"Mitchell Buck, Dirty Fingers Bike Repair"

"Tonia Farman, Tenacity Games"



Park Record Articles:
As the Education Editor at the Park Record, atwice weekly newspaper in Park City, Utah, I had the job of hanging around the schools, talking with and taking pictures of students, and at times acting like I was still a kid myself. Here are a few of my favorite stories:

"New Academy Up and Running" Sept. 16, 2008

"As Winter Nears, Safety Workshop Offered" Oct. 14, 2008

"Students Find 15 Minutes of Fame" Oct. 14, 2008

"Professionals Share Advice With Locals" Aug. 29, 2008

"Students Left Out of Band" Sept. 5, 2008



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